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Denim Brands


Denimocracy is proudly made in downtown Los Angeles in the heart of denim manufacturing, made in America supporting our local economy. We love what our city contributes to the end product - from the washes, dye house, sewing, trims that Los Angeles is able to provide. At denimocracy their goal is to create great fitting denim for all, and to provide to you the most comfortable easy fitting bottoms that fit like a second skin. Comfort meets fashion. Their denim and knit denim are the most comfortable pair of jeans you'll ever put on. Made from premium denim and knits from the finest mills, each pair is truly one of a kind. Once you try them you'll be addicted.

Los Angeles-based JOE's was created in 2001 by founder and creative director, Joe Dahn. JOE's is a casual chic lifestyle brand synonymous with classic, modernized wardrobe staples. The brand offers a versatile range of timeless styles from premium denim to handcrafted collection pieces and contemporary accessories to footwear. With over 12 years of influence in the fashion industry, JOE's has remained true to its DNA throughout its expansion, embracing fashion and innovation through the creation of a fully faceted line for women. 


At PAIGE, they believe that every choice they've ever made-the big ones, the small ones, the right or the wrong-has led them to this moment. They believe that the best story you can make and share is the one of your own life, and they are passionate about designing pieces that reflect and celebrate it. Passionate about creating clothing that reflects and celebrates a life lived to the fullest, owner and founder Paige Adams-Geller vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and convention-breaking ways continue to inspire and empower. Paige only partners with the best wash houses in the country, which happen to be in their hometown of Los Angeles. Every style Paige creates is wear-tested, and tested again. Paige is completely obsessed with designing pieces you'll live in-jeans that go from morning to moonlight; the perfect pair that works like a charm, always; pieces to help you stand tall in what you're wearing, and take you exactly where you want to go.


Mother was founded in 2010, famous for their super-soft fabrics and irreverent attitude, their boutique, made in Los Angeles brand is unique for its genius for keeping an indie spirit while still offering fits and washes that appeal to a wide range of women. The name MOTHER plays off the idea of duality - it can be nurturing or a cuss. It evokes teenage rebellion, unconditional love, and hilarious insult all at the same time. Their attitude and collections always present a juxtaposition of hard and soft. 

Jacob Davis createes classically inspired denim that embodies rugged, individualistic American style. Jacob Davis is the unknown American icon. He is the inventor of the copper rivet reinforced pantaloons and denim jeans as far back as 1870. Jacob Davis is a new Women's Premium Lifestyle Brand out of California. Specializing in Selvage Denim.



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